Compared with home fragrance suppliers in other countries, China has her unique advantages, such as product design and making sample more flexible and faster, glass bottle production is more beautiful and diverse. Because there can not be exquisite product for reed diffuser without exquisite glass bottle. In China, ability to replicate samples of fragrance oil is excellent, work efficiency, most important, price still very cheap. Talking above all this, we, Saijing Industrial Co.,Ltd. , has been a front running maker and supplier in home fragrance field of China, our cooperation order is more flexible and efficient.

Saijing Industrial co.,ltd.,although it was established less than one hundred years history,but with these advantages, with a team effort, continued to expand international market share and influence. We also have our R&D team, no matter our own brand products or customized orders, all is hot-selling and win high praise. It helps more and more clients develop more market, earn more money, also attracted new clients find us to make cooperate continuously.

If you’re interested in purchasing fragrance diffusers, scented sachets and accessories products, welcome to find us! Let’s make win win cooperation together!

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