Aroma Porcelain

Our plaster diffuser is very competitive products in the domestic China, the quality must be one of the best. Compared with others, has the following advantages:

1. Surface color is clean and white, not dark and yellowish.

2. Smooth and delicate surface, very few small holes and damaged, all by hand sanding and brushing.

3. Hard and high density, not fragile, percussion sound like ceramic firing products,clear and crisp.

4. Fragrance oil absorption effect is good, can absorb the fragrance full of liquid, non stick in hand, uniform distribution.

5. Cooperated with many international brand, such as Channel, Armani, Disney, etc.

6. For the irregular shape products, if there is no design give us, we can carry out according to the pictures and sample, we work it out by hand proofing and try as much as possible to achieve a similar effect.

7. For flat design products, can be designed according to the data of design and engraving by computer , precision 100%.

8. Leading domestic produce a luminous effect of the product.

9. Effective communication before producing, , must confirm earlier for the production process will encounter problems, in order to achieve the best results.