Service Center

*Commitment to quality:

Saijing Industrial Co.,Ltd is committed to providing our customers with world class product. Customer satisfaction is our strategic imperative. Strengthening businesses with our on-time delivery of high quality products at competitive prices is the primary focus at home fragrance.
Our commitment to continuous improvement represents the cornerstone of strong growth.

*Quality policy:

Our objective is to be the front runner in home fragrance fields for OEM and ODM marketplace and to be recognized by our customers as the premier resource.
We are committed to achieve customer satisfaction by:

1)Knowing the requirements and expectations of our customers and solve it.
2)Striving for 100% defect free product
3)Ensuring on time deliveries
4)Delivering leading edge quality product
5) Knowing our responsibilities

*Customer Service:

Saijing Industrial Co.,Ltd welcome your suggestions and comments. If you have a complaint, you may contact our Sales Representatives directly. If you are not satisfied with their answer, please send us email to ,we will take care of your problem promptly.