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  • Andy M,SPAIN

    These actually work to diffuse scent throughout a room. My first experience with reed diffusers, and these are not too shabby at all. Just a few (3-5) in a small glass bottle of oil is enough to easily freshen a 12x12 or larger room. Seller included some free sachets and other samples of their products, which was a nice touch. Great packaging for such a simple item.

  • William C,UK

    These really are SO beautiful. I actually ended up painting mine bc I wanted a realistic looking peony. These are delicate but well made and i can see these being great if used as sold (where you put them in oil and it helps act as a conduit for fragrance). I am likely going to buy a few more.

  • Birdie,ARGENTINA

    Transaction was smooth and delivery as quick as possible. Closets smell pleasant with hanging sachet.

  • 川瀬爱子,JAPAN


  • John Franklin,USA

    These work very well! More of my oil is being diffused than ever before without changing my routine of flipping the reeds. Also, I love the color of these reeds. They match the decor of my home much better than the lighter, tan reeds which you see everywhere. Very happy with this product!

  • Alex B,SPAIN

    These bottles pair perfectly with 8 inch reeds, which you can find here at Amazon. Just add your essential oil, 99% isopropyl alcohol, and water. (or your own recipe), And you’re all set. I have these in all the bathrooms and around the house with different oil combinations of lavender, bergamot, lime, and eucalyptus. Fabulous product!

  • Mac,USA

    Something I have been looking for a long time, love the sweet rose scent, when it will be available definitely will purchase again and again.

  • Linda,USA

    Awesome! Purchased for my mom for Christmas and the next day she asked me to order more for all her closets. Fragrance spot on!

  • 大川爱加,JAPAN


  • Araleon,GERMAN

    Very nice fragrance, it was pretty strong the first 10 days and more subtle the next couple of weeks.

  • Thomas,FRANCE

    I am a huge fan of rose scent. Everything from the perfume I use to the diffuser placed in my room are rose scented. This scent is not exactly what I was looking for, but gives a non-artificial and fresh smell. I also got a free sample of ocean; from the seller. And I strongly recommend this scent for those who don’t like the sweetness of flower scents or fruit scents.

  • Kathryn Vander Meulen,ITALY

    The quality of these bottles are excellent. Nice, strong, clear, glass. They have a large square base with a small opening at the top which makes them perfect for diffusing essential oils. The sturdy base means they won’t tip over, unlike other taller bottles with a smaller base.

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