Q: Is the fragrance oil corrosive? What happens when the fragrance oil comes in contact with my clothing or furniture?

A: Saijing’s fragrance oils have passed the SGS toxicity test, and are safe when used correctly. 

As the fragrance oil contains solvents that help to speed up diffusion and chemicals that stabilize the natural ingredients, they may react with materials like paint, plastic, glass or leather. The reaction only happens with these types of substances and will not react with human skin. 

In case of accidental spills onto any surfaces, please clean up immediately to prevent staining. When come in contact with clothing, wash off with normal detergent.

Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?

A: It depends,for customized order normally takes around one month, for our exist law material orders takes quick lead time. It’s not include sample making and confirming time. Also it depends on our factory busy situation. We will do whatever is possible to try to meet our customer’s deadline.

Q: What is your minimum order?

A: It depends.For customized order moq is high, for buying our own designed exist law material products moq is small.And you know price is also depends on quantity.

Q: Can you do a duplication of my fragrance?

A: Yes, we can do duplications of your fragrance oil, but we can’t promise the finished sample completely same as yours for it’s hard for us to get all our ingredients same as yours. We would need you to send us at least a 1/2 once sample of the fragrance oil that you would like us to have duplicated. We do have some minimum order requirements for duplication work. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Are your fragrances soluble in water?

A: No, All of our fragrances are oil based.

We can make a customer a water soluble version if requested. The fragrances would have to be reformulated to use a material that makes oil based fragrances water soluble. This does not change the fragrance odor just the composition.

Q: Are your fragrances synthetic or natural?

A: Our fragrances are made up of synthetic ingredients. Compare with natural, synthetic will last longer and cost much lower. The example would be Lavender Natural $80.00lb vs Lavender Synthetic $13.00lb. The natural materials will start to smell different after a few months. This shortens the shelf life of a product. The synthetic materials are made mostly from natural materials but just processed further.

Q: Can you show me your certificate or test report for this production?

A: Yes,we have MSDS and SGS report for our fragranc oil and vermiculite sachets.

Q: Can we change to use our own design on your packing boxes?

A: Yes,we can give you our die line and let you change it to your design, we prefer AI data to make print.

Q: What’s your quality control management?

A: We detailed discuss and confirm final quality sample with clients as standard for mass production before start produce, each steps of producing process will be inspected with our QC team members according to detail standard instruction, any defective materials will be pick out before producing,finial products will be 100% inspected.

Q: Do you offer a list of your fragrances and would you offer sample?

A: Yes, our usually using fragrances list has nearly 100 kinds and types still increasing. They’re aromatic chemicals. For sample offering is depends on different situations. We offer sample when object or product you will be using is clear. Then we can select the correct fragrance filled small bottles for you, it’s free and send express charge paid by collected.

We also can make fragrance samples formulated for client’s specific request and it may charge the cost according to the ingredients.

Q: What’s your company’s payment account?

A: We have company’s payment account ,Western Union,paypal and alipay, pls contact our sales member to ask for.

Remind: we never use new email address to inform you any change of our bank account, it might be fraud information.

Q: What’s your company’s order payment form?

A: TT and L/C. For amounts below usd100000.00 we accept TT payment.

We prefer 30%~50%TT payment for deposit,and left 50%~70%TT for for balance once against bill of lading.

Q: Are you a manufacturer or reseller?

A: We’re manufacturer and exporter, All of our home fragrances orders made by selecting from our own designed products or customized by client’s samples. We also sell our own brand products on line like Amazon.  under our very tight quality requirements.

Q: How about your monthly capacity for this production?

A: For Reed diffuser, we can monthly produce 100000sets.

For Scented sachet,we can monthly produce 500000sets.

We have 2 places of workroom,one for big one for small, where to place orders according to order quantity.

Q: What’s your main production?

A: Reed diffsuers, Scented sachets,Porcelain diffusers and other Fragrance accessories like Reed Sticks, Fiber Sticks,Sola flowers,Scented Drawer Liners.